2020 Kilodelphia Lift-off – Olympic Weightlifting Competition

Saturday, OCT 31, starting at 9:00am

A USAW sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting Competition

The 2020 Kilodelphia Lift-off! Brought to you by Kilodelphia Barbell!

This Meet is a sanctioned USA Weightlifting meet in East Falls, Philadelphia which is about 4 miles north of center city. This will be a one-day event, and due to Covid-19, the number of participants will be limited. This event is open to all divisions. Medals will be awarded for youth and then by sessions. Junior and masters athletes are welcome!

**There are no refunds for this event so please be sure you can attend before you sign up. Tickets are transferable.

**A valid USA Weightlifting membership is required to compete in this meet. If you don’t have a USAW membership yet you can get one here: https://webpoint.usaweightlifting.org/wp/Memberships/Join.wp

Covid-19 Precautions:

We are excited to be the first USAW sanctioned meet in Philly since the quarantine. Our facility meets and exceeds all preventative requirements. More details on participation rules are listed below. If you feel it is important to get back on the platform, this is your chance.

Due to Covid-19, we will be running fewer athletes through the day. We will be caping this event at 50 lifters.

We will be taking all the necessary steps to ensure the highest level of safety during our meet. Full instructions for the event will be sent out to all lifters closer to the event date.

  • Masks are required at all times (decisions on masks on competition platform will be decide later)
  • Warm-up area will have a platform for each lifter. Sessions will NOT overlap in the warm-up area. There will be a break between each session where we will disinfect the warm-up platforms. Our warm-up room has multiple garage doors to provide adequate air flow to aid in keeping lifters as safe as can be
  • Each athlete can bring one coach.


The final schedule will be posted closer to the event but we will tentatively be running 5 sessions every 2 hours.

*We reserve the right to close individual sessions and/ or change times of sessions as we deem necessary to run a successful meet.


  • Kilodelphia is a fully equipped, large Olympic Gym facility. We have been developing local, national and world class lifters for the past 12 years.
  • A large designated warm up area with no spectator access
  • Low lifter to warm up platform ratio (9+ warm up platforms)
  • Screen in warm up area with session start list to limit coach and athlete separation
  • Electronic light system for judges

Apparel: A weightlifting singlet is required for all lifters. Here are the official guidelines: http://www.iwf.net/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2015/01/141231-IWF-Guideline-for-Outfit.pdf

Micah Macbeth – Owner of Kilodelphia

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