Joining Our Team

So you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved with Kilodelphia. There are a couple different options for training with us.

Kilodelphia Team Training:

Gym Fee: $125 / Month

Team Programming is $40 / month and we use train heroic to deliver and track your progress.
Program Design with Victor is $100 / month
Program Design with Micah is $70 / month

*We do not allow athletes to “wing it”. If you have a coach that work with and pay for remote coaching with someone you can opt out of the programming options above and pay our Gym Fee only. This still includes coaching. Please understand that coaching someone else athlete can sometimes be tricky so some patience and understanding is required

Dropping In

We offer a drop in rate of $20 per visit or a 10 visit punch card for $155 (no expiration date).

Personal Training & Individual Strength/Skill Coaching

Maybe you’re interested in Olympic Weightlifting, but you’re not quite ready to jump in during open platform hours. That’s not a problem! Our coaches can work with you 1-on-1 to get you started on your strength journey. Personal training is also a great way to work on specific strength or skill goals outside of a group and class environment.

Personal Training (30 minutes) – $40 for 1 session, $350 for 10 sessions

Personal Training (60 minutes) – $70 for 1 session, $600 for 10 sessions

Kilodelphia Team Member Incentives:

Kilodelphia team members are provided with a wide variety of incentives such discounted rates with both Spinal Chiropractic and The Training Room Physical Therapy (both on site) as well as financial support packages at national competitions including performance bonuses, and hands on coaching at all local meets and more.

Kilodelphia Youth Program:
Kilodelphia offers a youth Strength and Olympic Weightlifting program for individuals starting from ages 10-21. This program is for youth in all walks of life from aspiring young athletes to those looking to start their first sport. The focus of this program is strength, power, speed, mobility and confidence. If you are interested in this program for your child, we encourage you to contact us using our contact form, or by emailing us at